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Social welfare-Poverty Alleviation

In 2020, China secured full victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and attained a complete victory in the fight against poverty. In the face of the test of COVID-19, Sinotrans, according to the overall arrangement of the China Merchants, continuously focused on the overall objective of “making rural poor people free from worries over food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services and safe housing” and spared no effort to work for targeted poverty alleviation by combining the task of poverty alleviation in poverty-stricken counties and taking China Merchants Charitable Foundation as a professional unified public welfare platform. Under the guidance of the corporate strategy, Sinotrans effectively combined social responsibility with corporate development strategy, and integrated the concept of social responsibility management and commitment to stakeholders into corporate management, in a view to promoting the infusion of social responsibility into all aspects of corporate production and operation, and striving to build a respectable international company. The board of directors carried out a special review on the annual social responsibility report,and deliberated and made decisions on major issues related to social responsibility. The management actively implemented the concept of social responsibility. A social responsibility special group was established to publicize and advocate social responsibility, take actions to fulfill social responsibility, and regularly sort out and collect information on social responsibility fulfillment. Subsidiaries are also required to actively perform social responsibility and carry out various kinds of social responsibility activities in their respective regions.

In 2020, Sinotrans donated 12 million yuan as poverty alleviation funds through the China Merchants Charitable Foundation. The money was utilized under the overall plan of the Foundation. By the end of 2020, the actual expenditure of the China Merchants Charitable Foundation for targeted poverty alleviation work had reached 62.441 million yuan, and 23 poverty alleviation projects had been launched. 51.661 million yuan was allocated to national level poverty-stricken counties including Weining County of Guizhou Province, Qichun County of Hubei Province, and Yecheng County and Shache County of Xinjiang Province. 5.762 million yuan was spent in Zhenxiong County, Yongren County and Wuding County of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, and 5.018 million yuan was utilized in other poverty-stricken areas.

Under the overall guidance of the China Merchants Charitable Foundation, Sinotrans did a series of public welfare work for poverty alleviation, and bravely assumed corporate social responsibility.

I. “Whenever the country needs, China Merchants will respond and Sinotrans will be there”

2020 was an extraordinary year. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sinotrans and the Chinese people went to the war and fought together against the virus. With the strategic performance of the “five channels and one platform”, we built a global lifeline for fighting against the pandemic and a transportation line for resuming work and production, which transported a total of 20,600 tons of supplies for the fight against the virus. We completed major tasks of logistics support for China’s foreign aid, and effectively fulfilled the role of “Whenever the country needs, China Merchants will respond and Sinotrans will be there” as a central SOE. Our “Disaster and Emergency Logistics Volunteer Service Team” was honored as the “National Advanced Group for Combating COVID-19”.

II. Sinotrans made solid progress in the poverty alleviation work in Weining

Sinotrans Party Committee made overall arrangements to continuously actively participate in the poverty alleviation work in Weining, Guizhou according to the poverty alleviation plan of “opening the cold chain logistics channel to help send out agricultural products in Weining” proposed by the Group. In 2020, a total of 266 tons or 1000 cubic meters of agricultural products were transported to Beijing, Hubei, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shandong and other places by full truckload cold chain,  establishing a "green cold chain transportation channel" for transporting local agricultural products in Weining to developed areas. The company also launched the China Merchants characteristic poverty alleviation product “Plateau Vegetable Bags”, and developed an overall scheme that integrates procurement, sorting, packaging, sales and transportation. About 20,000 vegetable bags were booked throughout the year, including 8799 bags or 1265 cubic meters transported by full truckload.

III. Sinotrans continuously carried out characteristic public welfare and volunteer projects for poverty alleviation.

As the COVID-19 swept across the globe in 2020, many public welfare and volunteer projects for poverty alleviation were canceled, while the staff of all levels at Sinotrans pulled together, kept doing volunteer work and continuously taking social responsibility as a central SOE without any slack in epidemic prevention. In the process, a number of great volunteer service events emerged, benefiting as many as 50,000 people.

For example, the videos selling goods made by Sinotrans in response to the 27° Farmers’ youth host poverty alleviation plan were played on major video streaming platforms, which attracted 32,000 online views, helping the Group create the public welfare brand “27° Farmers” and opening a new path of poverty alleviation through consumption. It was selected among the 50 excellent examples of poverty alleviation through consumption.


In 2021, Sinotrans will continue to press ahead with work concerning public welfare poverty alleviation and social responsibility in accordance with the requirement of “keeping up aids and policy support even the aided have shaken off poverty”.

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